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Crude Table
Crude Table
Crude Table
Crude Table
Crude Table

Crude Table

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Every interior design collection needs a simple, beautiful wooden dining table. For Dutchbone this is table Crude. A characteristic old Elm wooden table top, supported by a sturdy and dark metal frame. The combination of the dark metal and the warm colour of the wood is very pleasing to the eye. And to your interior as well!

32 mm solid recycled* old elm table top,
finished with natural PU-coating
Black powder coated iron frame
Maximum weight load: 100 kg

*The wood is reclaimed from old houses or interiors that are renovated or rebuilt. This gives each table top its unique character.

180x90x78 cm (LxWxH) ( distance between legs: 152 cm )
200x90x78 cm (LxWxH) ( distance between legs: 172 cm )

Availability 2 - 9 weeks

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