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P:7 - Expert Advice

P:7 - Expert Advice was created to develop solutions with tailored approach for the execution of corporate and residential interiors.

Our portfolio of suppliers and bespoke manufacturers coupled with our buying group, allows us to approach each project with confidence and the knowledge that each solution combines the aesthetic requirements alongside commercial viability, delivering the exact balance each client is looking for.

Collaborating with leading architects and interior designers we offer solutions across all industry sectors.

We focus on strategic success, respect for design, and quality in product and service. 

Our network also allows us to work globally and unrestricted according to our clients’ needs.


R:7 - Renting Services

Renting Office Furniture for all the possible needs is the smartest decision to ensure a correct and scalable management of company resources.

R:7 - Renting Services offers a wide variety of high-quality leasing and office furniture rental solutions.

We work with large or small businesses, enabling organizations to meet their unique business and workplace goals with flexibility and choice.

If you are relocating or getting a bigger space for your office, but not ready to invest in buying furniture, then we can help you. You can choose and pick the furniture according to your specific needs and taste.

All you need to do is contact us and design your own package. We guarantee the best quality and fast delivery.




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